LED Panel Light

    Product Name:

    Dimmable LED Touch Wall Light

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    Dimmable LED touch wall light

    This link is for combination 6PCS

    Power adapter* 1PCS User Guide* 1PC

    You can buy as needed. Freely combine and combine with

    different numbers of modules to create the pattern you want

    Product parameters:

    Environmentally friendly ABS material

    Voltage input AC110~240V / DC24V 2A

    Power 2W


    This is a modular touch-sensing wall light. Use a hexagonal floppy disk to create any structure to suit your needs, then turn it on and off by touching it. The fast modular component is equivalent to a system that can easily adapt to any scenario. Use magnetic edges to connect the lights together to form the structure that best fits your interior.  Slide the wall and illuminate the touch path for a fascinating tactile experience. Customize the lighting levels to create the right atmosphere by illuminating the multiple tiles you need. The minimalist design and unique geometric design not only illuminate but also decorate your house. Widely used, can be placed in the living room, bedroom, study, restaurant, hotel, etc. Touch each lamp can be independently controlled to open and close without affecting the normal use of other lamps. Simply touch the module you want to light with your hand and the built-in sensor will detect your operation and perform the corresponding light switch operation. Do not operate with explosive force.


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