China LED enterprises are facing major challenges is how to optimize the cost of quality
    2010-12-06 08:59:52  

    For less concerned about the dimming of the high temperature, high reliability industrial applications, we strongly recommend not using electrolytic capacitor design; in most cases, the best single-level design; Chinese manufacturers are facing a major challenge will be how to optimize cost of quality.


    For dimming applications do not need to use LinkSwitch-PH will save electrolytic capacitors. Our single-stage PFC / constant current design allows designers to eliminate large-capacity capacitor - which is usually required in traditional designs and the constant current level at the PFC level between the use. The only requirement left the capacitor is in the output AC waveform by a low (in this case, the voltage close to zero) on the LED power supply. Can be of sufficient capacity ceramic capacitors, tantalum or OSCON capacitors instead of electrolytic capacitors, thereby eliminating the flicker 100Hz or 120Hz. For less concerned about the dimming of the high temperature, high reliability industrial applications, I strongly recommend that the design does not use electrolytic capacitors.


    Market demand for LED lighting power supply varies depending on the application. For example, consumer demands and street lamp design or industrial fluorescent lights instead there is a big difference. But in general, all customers need reliable, energy efficient LED driver product. Other requirements include power factor correction (PFC), no flicker SCR dimming, in different input voltage, temperature and light bulbs, are all highly accurate constant-current driver output, and consistent turn-on and turn-off performance. PowerIntegrations (PI) has launched a device LinkSwitch-PH (isolated) and LinkSwitch-PL (non-isolated) topology, all have these characteristics, depending on the selected mechanical isolation method and the target application by the applicable safety rules .


    Two-tier structure must be used for the second constant current drive circuit to make the old PFC drive LED constant current drive. The design is outdated and no longer cost-effective, so in most cases, the best single-level design.


    Determine the physical design of the drive is isolated or non-isolated. Safety rules often require the use of two separate isolation layer. Designers can choose between two physical barrier - the bulk of plastic and glass shield mask, and use of non-isolated power supply. Or, if physical isolation cost is too high, a mechanical difficulties or absorb too much light, it must be resolved in the supply of electrical isolation problems. Isolated power supply is usually the same power level than the non-isolated power larger. Lighting designer must design their products for each significant cost and design optimization.


    In my opinion, Chinese manufacturers are facing major challenges will be how to optimize the quality and cost, this is one of the basic requirements of LED lights. Today, a large number of small companies have to enter the LED lighting business, market prices continue to decline because of competition. Cooling in space-constrained and there is difficulty in the system (such as LED lamps) using high-quality, high reliability, power, will no longer be free; However, many end users to use a paragraph about life at 10,000 hours lamp before To prove that high quality is very difficult. If using in a production for harsh environment (such as household appliances and meters) and a reputation for high quality power supply products drive controller company, things would be much simpler. PI IC products each have adopted a high-quality design and manufacturing technology.


    PI offers a full range of LED driver products, which can meet the PFC, dimming, isolation, and any combination of non-isolation requirements. Is our most promising new LinkSwitch-PH and LinkSwitch-PL devices, which are single-level design, integrated in a single chip, dimming and PFC function. This makes them more efficient, more highly cost-effective and more compact shape.

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