Domestic and foreign enterprises mainly produce high power LED development
    2010-12-06 08:59:05  

    Development to 2010, China produced power LED lighting manufacturers have hundreds of many, the quality of the production of high-power LED varies, the domestic electric current to the country star, Jiuzhou Optoelectronics, Ruifeng electricity, quantum optoelectronics, Shanxi Guangyu, China universe optoelectronics and other LED lighting manufacturers representative of a higher level of domestic devices. According to research statistics, the country star power, Jiuzhou Optoelectronics, Ruifeng power among the 2009 top three market share in LED lighting, which Ruifeng electricity market in Shenzhen ranked the first place. Country Star Power pioneered the international high-power LED devices based on PCB structure, substrate materials, production processes, etc. to achieve innovation.


    The end of 2009, the country set up Star Power LED lighting division, started in LED lighting, LED light source module applications such as product development and production, an official involved in downstream industries. Jiuzhou Optoelectronics Sichuan Jiuzhou Electric Group as a subsidiary, in 2004, into the packaging industry in 2007 through the merger and acquisition extends the high-power lighting business, including 100lm / W development of high-power LED, LED lamps inside the core technology and track and LED lighting products for ship research and industrialization. Currently has applied for patents for inventions, including patents, including a total of more than 90. Ruifeng power is the only country in the top three companies focused on LED lighting device package of the company, focusing on core technology development, many universities and institutes in the Mainland and Konka Group, the establishment of technical cooperation in the eutectic technology, second optical , the development of materials with high thermal conductivity, surface roughness of Technology (now the product can improve the overall efficiency of more than 30% out of light), the product of the color rendering index (the highest you can achieve more than 95, which is far more than the 80 required criteria), dull point and area light source, silicone molding, ceramic and other technical aspects of product development lead at home.


    Ruifeng power has become a global car dashboard, car audio, car DVD, large-size LCD backlight, phone, indoor lighting, decorative lighting and other fields mainstream supplier of optoelectronic devices. The output LED lighting manufacturers account for more than 60% of domestic market, average gross margin of about 30%. The current technology of these domestic enterprises in the packaging line with the global giant shoulder to shoulder, so the imported components than domestic package power LED lighting device has significant comparative advantages, the price in line with the Taiwan products.


    At present, foreign manufacturers mainly Cree and PhilipsLumileds represent the highest quality on the market power LED, power LED is basically high-end of the global market more than 90%. Cree's products due to many types, a variety of high-power LED relatively complete, supply large output and stable high-power LED into the mainstream. The production of high-power LED China Taiwan accounted for most of the mid-market, the higher cost of production of high-power LED.

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