ACT and L light solar LED lighting received orders for Bhutan
    2010-12-06 08:52:50  

    Japan Advanced Capacitor Technologies (ACT) and the L source said the total capital of Bhutan received orders for $ 530,000, mainly sold for use lithium-ion capacitor 220 for electrical storage devices such as solar LED lighting will be installed in schools in Bhutan , hospitals and public facilities. Scheduled to begin in February 2011 from the supplier.


    Bhutan will be used by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) to establish the Asia Clean Energy Fund (ACEF) to provide 53 million U.S. dollars in purchasing gold, buy 150 sets of 70 sets of fixed and mobile type of solar energy LED lights. The use of local procurement of solar cells, not included in the order. With a fixed output power of 2.3 ~ 4.7W, with an output power of mobile-type 1 ~ 1.8W white LED. Two models are used a large-capacity capacitor "Premlis A5000". Fixed installed 2 side by side, moving type 1 installed. A5000 cell voltage of 4.0 ~ 2.0V, electrical storage capacity of 8.3Wh. The use of full-time power, the fixed 3 to 6 hours, mobile type is 4 to 7 hours.


    Government of Bhutan to the goal to supply the entire population, in 2008, 2013, "No. 10 5-year plan", the program will Bhutanese national power from the current 60% to 100%.

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